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Types of Forex pairs and trades

Por el 22-01-2015 Categoria: Forex

Forex –  Pairs and Trades It can be quite confusing for newcomers to understand how each type of currency pair works in the Forex market. Instead of buying stocks, when investing in Forex, the trader is simultaneously buying a currency and selling another. Each pair has a particular format such as EUR/USD which stands for Euro/U.S. Dollar and GBP/JPY which …

Most traded Forex currency pairs

Por el 22-01-2015 Categoria: Forex

Forex – Most traded currency pairs EUR/USD The euro has been struggling these past months. Greece’s political crisis had a huge impact on the European currency; this is because Greek lawmakers weren’t able to elect a new president, so the parliament became dissolved. Greece own a large amount of money and negotiations will have to wait until the political unrest …